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The Bus Stops Here

Although Curvetech is specialized, many within the manufacturing, construction and architectural industries require specialized metal stretch forming, and we see a wide variety of projects pass through our warehouse. One of those that just rolled through was for municipal buses.

Curvetech's Metal Curving in Action

Curvetech custom formed the stainless steel tubing for the roof and side bows which, in turn, form the bus chassis’ main frame’s skeleton as shown above..

So, the city of Long Beach, California will now have brand new buses for its citizens and we’re proud to have been a part of making that happen.

All things built require a journey -- from the idea's conception to its completion -- and that journey's never a solo trip.

Each project requires everyone from welders and carpenters to architects and engineers to travel together. Curvetech would like to travel with you whenever you have the need for superior metal stretch forming.


Ruth Martin - Curvetech Sales

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