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What is Stretch Forming?

Stretch Forming is a forming process that involves metal wherein a piece of metal is stretched and bent.

When first introduced,  Stretch Forming's  primary use had been for the forming of aircraft skins, cowls

and air frames. Later, as machines developed and became larger and more powerful, the technology

was extended to the forming of boat and ship hulls along with various other components.

Over the years, because of the quality of stretched components, the Stretch Forming  process adapted to

and is extensively used by the automotive, rail car, industrial and manufacturing industries.

Eventually, the process would break through to the architectural industry, when architects saw

Stretch Forming's possibilities for creating such things as curved facades, architectural details, roof lines,

and light installations. Large curved glass facades were now possible, as the process is a perfect match for

the curving of large curtain-wall systems.

Today, Stretch Forming is used by everything from architecture to aerospace--From signage to skylights

and from musical instruments to museum performance rooms. Its product can be seen everywhere.





Why Curvetech?



Curvetech Stretch Forming is a leader in stretch forming and metal curving.


Our competitive price structure, technical services and excellent quality products have helped establish Curvetech as a premier company in our industry.


We can readily meet your metal curving needs in our modern facilities. Presently, Curvetech stretch forms aluminum, stainless steel, steel, extrusions, solids, tubing, sheet and more. We also do work for various Aerospace companies.


Curvetech has an outstanding reputation for metal curving on simple and complex curves. We exercise extensive quality control and inspection of each part before it leaves our facility to ensure that each part fits the dimensions requested.


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