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SpaceX!-There and Back Again With Curvetech

I'd describe SpaceX (if a description is necessary), but what could I say that this short YouTube video doesn't?--

This is the Falcon 9 rocket returning from its mission to the International Space Station--nothing discarded, nothing wasted. Everything that went up came down again in a pinpoint landing (with sonic booms thrown in). SpaceX has made the future of space travel and exploration the present, and it's a thing of awe and beauty.

Curvetech is currently forming the stainless steel, brake-formed channel that we formed to true radius for a SpaceX project. We're proud (and a little amazed) that what we're working on and handling in our facility will soon be headed for and returning from outer space. We'll be watching that launch and landing very closely.

Space has been called the Final Frontier. But, as long as we continue to dream, new frontiers will always be found--and it's American builders, designers, engineers and manufacturers who help make dreams come true.

Have a great rest of the summer!

Ruth Martin

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